How to become a SUPER Recruiter in less than 6 months.

In the following article, I will share the actual steps into becoming a Super recruiter in less than 6 months, I have trained over hundreds of people in this and the results were astonishing!

Over 90% of the trainees TRIPLED their monthly income and gotten far much more commissions compared previously. Here goes..

Index – How to become a SUPER Recruiter in less than 6 months.

1) 1st Month

2) 2nd Month

3) 3rd Month

4) 4th Month

5) 5th- 6th Month

1st Month

  • Identifying your own strength and weakness and work on the strong point and improves on the weakness.
  • Understand the recruitment 360 process in details
  • Identifying the sectors and market to go for within your own network of friends, suppliers, and friends.
  • Determine your own KPI, not your company KPI and the specific targets to hit within specific months.
  • Prepare over 500 to 1,000 pieces of your business cards
  • Prepare your own personal blog with your own identity
  • Get a graphic + web designer to get the website up and running
  • Generate at least 3 articles per week, content must be good. The content must be related to the target clients and candidates you are looking for.
  • Prepare your LinkedIn profile, make it as professional as possible.
  • Learn the technology in Mail Bomber, Recruitment CRM, Recruitment Parsing and Harvesting.
  • Harvest email contacts and details of clients and candidates, 100,000 databases each, continue to do so every single month.

2nd Month

  • Using the 20-Cube method to generate ideas in creating clients and candidates, target to have 100 clients generation ideas and 100 candidates generation ideas. Use the ideas, regardless of how crazy the ideas it is. Just do it.
  • Expand your Linkedin friends to over 2000 friends, joined 50 groups related to industry focus.
  • Practice presentation over video – get someone to help you by giving you opinions on your presentations.
  • Market penetration by email to over 100,000 clients
  • Candidate market penetration by email to 100,000 candidates, introduce yourself as a recruiter and ask them whether they are looking for a job and ask them if they are open for you to assist them for a better career.
  • Let the job order flows in from the client, filter the good quality job orders, further filter by using Advanced Google Search
  • Let the candidates resume flow in, filter and upload them into the recruitment CRM system. Spend no effort on compiling the candidate’s information.
  • Target 5-10 quality job orders and work your shit out on it.
  • Target 3-5 quality candidates and use C-Marketing to market them. Use the forest first technique when possible.
  • By using C-Marketing, you will be able to automatically generate around 50-100 new job orders on top of the one mentioned above.
  • Use the “Auto-Matching” technique in C-Marketing and you will be able to close another 3-5 case automatically with minimum or zero efforts.

3rd Month

  • You would have close a minimum of 3-5 job orders by now, visit the clients again, build a good rapport with them, bring them out for lunch, dinner or whatever, just connect with them. Add them to your entire social media platform; make sure they are directly linked to you.
  • You will start to have plenty of noises around you with many other things that are not important, ignore them at going through the cycle on the 2nd
  • Now focus on 10-20 quality job orders, remember to do the double filtering of job orders so that you will be able to edge out the rest of the competitions.
  • You are now ready to use C-Marketing to market 8-10 candidates, remember that quality is very important, if you are not able to get 8-10, it is fine. Never compromise on quality to quantity.
  • Practice your presentation skills (Do this every 2 days, if possible every day, using about 30 minutes every session.)
  • Enhances your technology skills, learning from blogs, Youtube, etc (Do this every 2 days, if possible every day, using about 30 minutes every session.)

4th Month

  • You will have interesting people eyeing on you, be it good or bad because the closure of sales in recruitment will be far much more than many of the recruiters within the company you are working with. You will very likely be the top consultants or the 2nd best within the company and the clients love you so much and would like to have you to join them.
  • Candidates who had got the job via your introduction will very likely to call you, email you and let you know that they have many friends looking for some jobs, this is where the forest fire technique is taking place. (Hold on, the fire have not even started yet)
  • You will have plenty of quality candidates for C-Marketing, hold on…reduce the number of candidates for C-Marketing, make is less than 4 this month. Make the clients wanting to have more because they love to have quality candidates.
  • Work on the normal orders now, using the 80/20 rule now but do it the reverse method, put 80% of the time on the orders and 20% on C-Marketing.
  • You will continue to have close a fair bit of orders this month but very likely lesser than 3rd (This is intentional and there is a technical reason behind it)

5th–  6th Month

  • You will very likely be quite popular within the industry because many clients had spread the words around the other recruiters about what you are doing that are so different and unique.
  • Bosses within the same industry will very likely ask you out for a coffee and get to know you more. Go ahead and have a coffee with them and just treat them as friends, never burn the bridges.
  • The effort on the 3rd and 4th month will be snowball to these 2 months, the commissions will be huge! Very likely your sales done will be at the very best and many times more compared to the rest. Many will ask you about how you did it…
  • You will have a reputation of providing quality candidates to clients at a speed where it has never been seen before, closing cases at a speed where no recruiters had seen before… The clients will trust you so much that whatever you said will be believed without questions.
  • You are now the SUPER recruiter in your company……

The following events above was what had happened to me in real life when I started in the recruitment industry, with ZERO experience in recruitment, nothing to take the reference to, no mentor or coach.

I did it myself without anyone showing me the way, you do not need to go through what I had gone through where I had to knock onto many hard walls and bleed blindly.

Now you can become the next SUPER recruiter.

Wish you good luck in every way.

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